“I am woman hear me roar…” (in the nicest way possible).
-Helen Reddy


I am a woman of many talents, abilities & passions but my greatest claim to fame actually is my compassion and concern for the human spirit. A person’s essence is what intrigues me. My life has always been an adventure – with mountain tops, with valleys, complete with streams, quiet meadows and rushing rivers, sunny days and cloudy days. I have met infamous people – both known and unknown. I am my mother’s daughter, my children’s mother, and my grandchildren’s “dark gramma” (ask me about that one!) I am my partner’s significant other.



As a psychologist, I primarily promote emotional and mental wellness. As I counsel people I encourage them to think of the four quadrants of their lives; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. Without these four quadrants being in sync, similar to pistons in an engine, when they are not running smoothly, the car can sputter and stall – so it is with human life.
I encourage people to set goals in each of those four areas to promote balance, harmony & wellness in their lives.


I am creative- hence my company’s name: Creative Consulting Services.

As my company title states- we provide services – lots of them, and in an ‘out of the box’ thinking sort of way. As noted, I want to address all areas of people’s lives in a meaningful way.

Nourish the soul, nourish your mind and nourish your body.


Creative Consulting Services became a company in the mid 90’s founded out of a need to serve others- creatively.

Hurting people entered my daily life and I knew that there must be some way to make a difference in their lives, somehow….but how? What were the things that I needed when I struggled through some of the mountains and valleys in my life? Who were the people that were there to assist me? How could I make other people’s dreams come true in their lives? For every question asked, another one seemed to surface and my mind raced with ideas on how to help individuals through the tough times in their lives.

I had spent years in University looking at theory and practices, but how to take that information and make it practical, so that it worked in people’s lives? I began using the ‘book’ knowledge that I had and combined it with the heuristic knowledge that I had to address people’s issues in compassionate unique ways that suited their specific needs

My Life Motto: If I can help one person, for one second, only once, then everything that I have been through in my life has been absolutely worth it. Healthy Tip – Don’t regret mistakes you have made in life – learn from them, you’ve already lived through them…